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Privacy Policy

Revised: 10/30/15


If you send me an email, I will probably add your name to my email list. I use this to notify those of you who have given me your email of a new book about to be published, or when I have added a new appearance, book signing, resource or event to my calendar.

Advance Notice

You will also get advance notice of the next book, before others know about it. You will have an opportunity to buy a pre-release, numbered and signed book before the regular book goes on sale to the public. (Details will be sent to the email list.)

Your email will not be used to market any other products or services, since I don't have any. It will not be sold, loaned, traded or otherwise passed on to grow my list. It is only for the people who care about my writing. You can send me an email here, asking to be added.


I don't use cookies or store your visit.


I occasionally run the website log files the hosting company maintains, to assess traffic flows and find the pages popular with visitors, to see how I am doing. I periodically let Google Analytics look at the site also. Nobody knows what Google does with anything they get. They probably already know everything about us from our searches, anyway.



Terms & Conditions Of Use

Revised: 10/30/15

Copyright & Sharing

Everything on this site is copyrighted, either by myself or someone else (in which case it has been used with their permission). That being said, when you find something you like, please do share it with your friends!

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The web runs on links. So when you share something, just grab the url from the top of the page and drop it into the note you are emailing to your friend or posting to social media. That's all there is to it! Your friend gets some great new info. I get another reader. And you get kudos and respect from your friend over your great share!

Please don't use copy and paste, even with attribution. It violates copyright and confuses Google.

That's pretty much it. Thanks for dropping by! If you want an email when something changes, send me one now. 


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