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Novelist Craige McMillan on Earth's FInal Kingdom, God & Eternity




Earth's Final Kingdom, due out late 2017. Volume Four in the Armageddon Story; Judgment, Interrupted novel series.



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50 word version:

Craige McMillan is an American novelist raised in the Midwest. He attended college in California. His life has been shaped by work in the intelligence world overseas, computer technology in America, and his love of writing. He lives with his wife in the high desert country of Central Oregon.

150 word version:

Craige McMillan is an American writer. He grew up in the rolling farmland and small towns of the Midwest, which served farmers and provided railroad transportation for their crops. His family later moved to southern California. There he finished high school and met the girl who would become his wife. They both attended college, where he studied history during the social turbulence of the early 1970s.

He followed the same route to novel writing that many other authors have taken. He wrote articles, news stories, and later worked in signals intelligence overseas during the Cold War. When he returned to the United States, he worked in large-scale computer systems where he did programming, database design, computer security and disaster recovery.

Craige now lives in what is still cowboy country, the high desert American West, with his wife of forty-some years, and a Belgian Shepherd, to whom he reads his first drafts.



You will achieve the most rewarding read by starting at the beginning, which is Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns. There you will be introduced to the central characters. Archeil, a Native American in Alaska, who witnesses the Creator's return. Odessa and her young daughter, who miraculously survive the devastating Los Angeles earthquake. William Bradshaw and Pope Pious, two flawed religious leaders entrusted with an assignment that will shatter the Catholic-Protestant divide. And the Creator, who has returned with military power. Let your sense of wonder roam free, as the supernatural escapes to invade their lives and give them a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Behind Enemy Lines: Supernatural Meddling, takes you further into the supernatural realm. Mia, Aliese and Anelexis are children who have returned to life. William Bradshaw and Odessa brought them back over the veil of eternity. They have embraced their supernatural role in this world, and now begin to understand who they are becoming.

Absolution: The Singularity, The Final Solution to God, Guilt and Grief, takes you further into the supernatural. Crowds in Brazil and America are now experiencing the supernatural, as Bradshaw, Odessa and Natavia heal the sick and raise the dead. But not everyone is happy. The pushback from the natural world against the realm of miracles has begun. Odessa is on the verge of understanding who she really is. The forces of darkness already know. The natural world seeks to immitate the supernatural, setting the stage for the final conflict between the two realms.

Earth's Final Kingdom, due out in late 2017, focuses on the growth of the secular and brings to the forefront the conflict between the two worlds.

War and the Restoration of All Things, brings it all together. It completes the puzzle and provides the culmination of Earth's Final Kingdom. Writing now in process.



Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns

A mysterious streak of light cuts through the sky. Those it touches see the past and the future together, but the memory soon fades. The American military investigates, but finds nothing.

Archeil, a Native-American in Alaska, feels the light cut through him. Now the sun sets to the north of where it belongs. He consults a tribal elder, but the man won't tell Archeil the light's identity.

A mother and her young daughter miraculously escape the great Los Angeles earthquake. Now they both know the secret: The light isn't something…it's someone.

The world is under observation, but to what end? The pope with a dark secret suddenly has a vision that will forever change the world&emdash;but how to accomplish it? A reprobate Colorado pastor whose family died in his place is running from God. Can he escape the Holy Father's vision of a new world?

Reconnaissance takes you on both sides of the veil of eternity.


Behind Enemy Lines: Supernatural Meddling

Mia is confused. She died during an operation and is now in a wonderful place! But William Bradshaw, praying with her mother in the hospital room where she died, has come to tell her she must return home.

America's most respected flying ace has defected to the navy. He is investigating the loss of two American submarines. His former student and now fleet admiral welcomes him aboard his aircraft carrier, where they put their thoughts together. On the flight home, the ace makes an unexpected landing on a different carrier far off the coast of Alaska. The ship flies no flag. After meeting this admiral, the ace knows why.

The Brazilian media is hunting for the "girl with no heart," Mia is busy elsewhere. She just finished a private audience with Pope Pious at his retreat in the Italian Alps. Now the Holy Father is traveling to Brazil under an assumed name.

Can the veil of eternity be crossed at will? If so, by whom&emdash;and to what end?


Absolution: The Singularity. The Final Solution to God, Guilt, and Grief?

Pope Pious is not whom he appears to be. He is traveling from Switzerland to a remote orphanage in Brazil under an assumed name. The church hierarchy wants him gone. Someone even more important wants him in Brazil.

Odessa is in love with an admiral. His ships, far off the coast of Alaska, fly no flag. Now he has asked her to go in his place&emdash;to a Brazilian orphanage they once visited. The children are dying. She takes a handwritten list of names he passes to her. "Oh, my God!" Odessa whispers, as she reads the names. "I know what you want me to do!"

Natavia has finished the Christmas Eve service for eight-thousand people at her Colorado church. They've all left. She's alone. She handles the knife as she decides whether to end her life&emdash;and the fraud it has been. On the frozen pond outside her office, a girl is skating. She looks like Julie, her daughter; but Julie died eight years ago. The supernatural has invaded our world.



The series has extremely strong female characters.



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