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Where Is The Hope?

by Craige McMillan
We live in a privileged generation.

What? Are you crazy? Good jobs are hard to find, students are in debt from the moment they graduate, government is mortgaging generations beyond our grandchildren to pay for today's expansion, terrorist groups are getting nukes from rogue regimes, wars are kicking up, the Soviet Union is coming back...and globalhomoracistwarmingphobia affects everybody and don't you forget it! Yes, you are crazy!

Possibly. But two things:

1) How many commentators would acknowledge that possibility?

2) Perhaps I see something you don't see?

The world's logic argues that Armageddon is taking shape before our eyes. We are now capable of genetic manipulation out into future generations. The world's agricultural crops have been genetically modified for the convenience of producers. But we are one insect mutation away from famine, because these crops lack diversity. Computer technology is advancing rapidly toward the union of man and machine, with your soul poured into a Google account. The family unit has been destroyed, leaving the next generation to educate itself (see Lord of the Flies, by William Golding). Political leadership, which once believed it was responsible to God, now believes it is god.

In my last post I alluded to a new kingdom that is arising from the ashes of world history. Like those building it in the midst of the ashes of the post democratic world, this kingdom will be a technological copy of the all-knowing, all-powerful God.

With one big exception. It will be built by fallen men and women who have the mind--but not the heart--to govern a fallen humanity that God loves.

You are a privileged generation. You get to see it take shape before your eyes. I thought you might like a roadmap. So here it is: Reconnaissance. Countdown to Armageddon. The end has already begun. This generation has a front row seat.

Photo: NIC MOS Mosaic of Galactic Center


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