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Robin Williams Took His Final Voyage Home...

Robin Williams Took His Final Voyage Home-What Will He Find?

What Will He Find?

by Craige McMillan
Robin Williams, a gifted and tortured soul, took his final trip home earlier this week. May the Admiral grant him safe passage to his final destination.

Mr. Williams reportedly took his own life because he was experiencing deep financial problems, and wasn't as far along as he wanted to be at this point in his life. One wonders…what hope does that leave for the rest of us?

I think It was Red Skelton, another comic genius from an earlier era, who always felt he was a fraud, and would one day be exposed as such on stage.

There is such variety in life, in aspirations, in achievement and in the way we handle them. Sometimes it is those who achieve the most, who berate themselves for having achieved so little, while the rest of us are happy if we can go to work each day, raise our children, and provide for our eventual demise without undue hardship on those we love.

All of us who live in the realm where time rules our lives, where our path is a brief journey between birth and death, are subject to limits. Death always reminds us of that.

Because we are subject to limits, it is difficult--probably impossible--for us to imagine an existence without those limits. An existence without beginning, without end, and without limits. Some of us try. But even the Steven Hawkings among us lack the mental equipment necessary to understand existence without limits.

Thus the Robin Williams and others among us who set impossible goals for themselves, and whose souls pay the price for dreams beyond their own limits, remind us that we have limits because that is the way we were made. In due course we will meet the one without limits, whose existence predates time, and whose end will never come.

In Armageddon Story: Reconnaissance, I chose to portray this infinite and eternal being as the admiral. Carefully woven into the story is the infinite and eternal once again stepping into the limited and finite world of his creation. For some of the characters, limits dissolve as they come to know him. For others, their limits become painfully obvious.

Will the Infinite love us or hate us for such lofty dreams so far beyond our reach? Time, and Armageddon Story, will tell.

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