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Does Real Christianity Even Exist Today?

How was the First Century Church different from us?

by Craige McMillan
DOES real Christianity even exist today? It may be that each generation must reinterprete for itself the Apostle John’s Revelation of earth’s final days. This is especially true in our generation, because technology today has only one speed: forward, faster!

The Left Behind series of books by pastor Tim LaHaye and author Jerry Jenkins had a lasting impact on Christians of that era. But as the prophecy has proven more enduring than their efforts to explain it, so too has their series’ influence faded.

I’m not sure the LaHaye/Jenkins series had much of an impact on the secular world, however. Several movie attempts based on the series were tried, but they never attracted much attention outside of Christian circles.

As I’ve traveled further down the road of life, I have realized that “Christian circles” may not accurately reflect Christianity. Most churches are rule based. Biblical Christianity most assuredly is not.

That’s a big problem. It means that Christianity isn’t what Jesus intended. If Christianity isn’t what Jesus intended, that means it is not able to do what Jesus intended it to do.

The question that I began to wonder about as I moved deeper into my view of Armageddon was this: What if Christianity in our modern world became what Jesus intended it to be? What would Christians look like? What would the supernatural world look like? What would the world around us look like? Earth's Final Kingdom, due out in early 2019, will present that picture. But to understand it, you need to start with Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns.


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