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Dispatches Across Eternity. A novelist looks at Earth's Final Kingdom.

A New Kingdom is Rising

by Craige McMillan
A new kingdom, unlike any that has ever existed, is taking shape in our world. Do you see it?

It will not be like those that have come before. Its tentacles have been growing, entwining themselves around world and national affairs nearly since human history began. Both nations and individuals have felt it brush past them as they go about their daily lives. It is both seen…and yet unseen.

Perhaps you have read signs posted at some of the beaches where you play and swim: "Caution: Dangerous Undertow". When you look over the water from the safety of the beach you see nothing. But once in the water, did you feel the tug of something against your leg? "Come along, it will be a ride like no other…"

"No!" You pulled away. "Not now. It's not my time. I can't..."

The ancient mariners in ships so small by today's standards sometimes glimpsed the creatures that gave birth to the currents. Some escaped. Some perished, their tiny ships overturned and sucked beneath the surface not by the current, but by the tentacles that had silently set the currents in motion, their strength and influence ever increasing, entwining themselves among us.

The currents birthed in their wake have drawn nations into wars, and reshaped the world's borders and governments. The tentacles continue to grow, entwining themselves amidst new allies, becoming an integral part of the new world order they have brought into existence.

Now the tentacles are so entwined they control the governments that they have shaped. The great mass of humanity knows something is different, yet few see what it is. They feel but do not see the currents toward which the tentacles now urge them. "Oh, it is the current. You must come out of the water, children! You cannot play there…it is dangerous!"

The tentacles have enmeshed themselves with humanity and become part of our institutions, our governments, our daily lives. Soon the pull of the current created in the wake of this creature's great tentacles will take us where we do not wish to go.

But it will be too late. Even the deep currents will provide no escape. For the tentacles have entwined themselves with us and become a part of us. We have joined forces with them.

Do you have eyes to see the kingdom that now arises?

Armageddon Story: Reconnaissance. Volume One. Let the lone admiral and his ghost fleet give you eyes to see.

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