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Dispatches Across Eternity. A novelist looks at Earth's Final Kingdom.

Life, Death, Eternity—Whatever?

Can everything exist forever?

by Craige McMillan
I saw this the other day: "Everything that has existed, lingers in the Eternity." —Agatha Christie

As modern people, we are always short of time. So we like to divide the world up into either/or, this/that, us/them.

Sometimes it works. We know which we are (we invented the boxes). It's a way we can quickly decide if the other person is like us. So if she is not then we don't need to think about her arguments anymore. It makes life easy.

So try this one: material/eternal.

Everyone on earth inhabits the material world. It is what we see around us every day when we wake up.

But how many of us inhabit the eternal world, even some of the time? When you look up and see the stars at night, do you think about a spaceship that might get you there? Or do wonder if that is your true home? No spaceship required. Material...Eternal?

It is quite the dividing line here on earth, isn't it?

If you believe that what you see every day is all there is, you probably live your life differently than someone who believes this life is a small sliver of eternity.

It's a different perspective. You might make different decisions? Treat people differently? Govern a nation differently?

Material? Or Eternal? Which are you? Today? And how has that box controlled your life?

Write and tell me. For my part, that's why I wrote Armageddon Story from both perspectives: the material world, and the eternal world. You can begin to see both sides from insideVolume One, Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns.


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