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Easter is the Promise

Of God's Second Chances

by Craige McMillan
In my novel Reconnaissance, the first in the Armageddon Story series, many readers tell me they identify with Maria, the daughter of the powerful South American drug lord, and her story. Here is a brief introduction:

Maria remembered the dream, even when she was awake. Then came the awful confrontation with her father. "You killed him!" she'd shouted at Papa.

"No. I sent him away," Papa said.

"Where?" Maria asked, pleadingly.

"My child, he is not good for you," said Papa. "I did it because I love you…"

Maria began to cry again as she relived the scene in her mind. "Do me a favor!" Maria had shouted as she ran over the ornate marble floor tiles in their family's great room. She ran away from Papa and toward the front door. Grabbing the handle and yanking the door open, Maria had turned and yelled at her father in her hurt and anger. "Do me a favor, Papa. Don't love me anymore!" And Maria had slammed the door behind her.

It had been six years…

God is all about second chances. There is a common misconception that God only aligns himself with "perfect people" who then go on to accomplish his will, serve the world and live happily ever after.

Maria is not one of those people. But does that mean she can't have a heart for God?

The flip side of that question is also worth asking. Just because we aren't perfect, does that mean God can't have a heart for us?

The Cross and Easter have stood the test of time. In fact, they will stand the test of Eternity. They are the ultimate testimony of just how much God loves us.

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