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Is Immortality...

A Flip of the Coin?

by Craige McMillan
The magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that destroyed towns in northern Japan in 2011 led to taxi drivers picking up "ghost" fares. Over eighteen thousand people died in the disaster.

Numerous reports were discovered during a sociological study at Tohoku Gakuin University of "spectral figures" in destroyed residential areas and people lined up where shops used to exist.

Taxi drivers noted picking up "ghost" fares, starting their meters, and arriving without a passenger. One driver advised a woman the place she wished to visit no longer existed. "The driver recounted that the woman asked, "Have I died?" and, when he turned to look, his taxi was empty" UK Telegraph Newspaper Jan. 21, 2016.

Some find the idea of a spiritual world coexisting alongside or in the midst of the material world difficult to understand, let alone accept. The afterlife is viewed as what happens after life ends. Yet a ghost figure entering a taxi would have to look quite convincing for the driver to start the fare meter. Many of the drivers interviewed had made entries in their logbooks. None expressed fear.

As I began writing the Armageddon Story novel series, I chose to tell the story of both worlds, the spiritual coexisting alongside and in the midst of the material. Sometimes there is cooperation; at other times conflict.

The spiritual world, however, had to be portrayed as beyond both time and distance. Those two limitations, time and distance, are very real for those of us in the material world. Time starts in the womb before we are born and remains with us until we die. A good deal of the economy depends upon us having to more from one place to another. How interesting then to come face-to-face with a world whose inhabitants have no such limits, especially if you are driving a taxi!

Perhaps the material and spiritual worlds are not God's flip of a cosmic coin, but simply two sides of the same coin?


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