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Children dropping breadcrumbs, Breadcrumbs Across Eternity

Scattered Across Eternity

by Craige McMillan
God is still trying to communicate with humanity, although it is becoming more difficult for Him. Our increasing reliance on technology is at the heart of the matter:

It makes our ears dull to His voice. Perhaps if He sent us a text message on our iPhone we might take notice, but I don't think God has one of those.

It places Him in our realm. "He's the same as us, just a bit more technologically advanced."

If God's communication with His creation has begun to fade, the world seems to have become more chaotic, and in fact more in need of his voice. It's not that we can't hear; it's more that we won't be bothered. After all, when you think you're on the road to godhood via the technology express, well…who needs the old guy, anyway? Soon we'll be there, and we'll take care of it then.

But God is nothing if not inventive when it comes to saving us from ourselves. Just as Hansel and Gretel left a trail of pocket-sized stones on their first trip into the forest, God left a trail for us as he passed through our world. We could follow it if we wanted to, but most of us can't be bothered. We'd just as soon the trail be paved over and forgotten. This is now happening with striking rapidity. Out of sight, out of mind.

On Hansel and Gretel's second trip into the forest, they had only bread crumbs to mark their path of return. But there was an ancient technical glitch: the birds found the crumbs and ate them. The trail back home vanished.

That's where humanity is now. We can't go back home the same way we got here. God has disappeared, or at least we can't see him or hear him like we used to. The Jews paved over the Stone Tablets with their own rules and laws. The bread crumbs God's Son left during his earthly tenure have been eaten by the birds.

The Christian Church is busy making itself over in the image of humankind. It will provide no guidance out of the morass as time catapults us into the future. We are on our own. The breadcrumbs are long gone. God still speaks, but we can't hear.

This has left God no choice. Reconnaissance.

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