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298 People on Flight MH17 Met the Admiral Today

by Craige McMillan
There were 298 people on flight MH17 who met the admiral in Armageddon Story: Reconnaissance as they flew over the Ukraine.

Do you suppose they were happy about it?

Some have joined his crew on the ghost aircraft carrier. And some…you don't really want to know.

You don't have to be traveling in a spam can 33,000 above the earth to have that happen, of course. Modern life is filled with hazards. Some we know about. Some we don't.

As complex and technologically-connected as modern life is, in the end, each of us faces eternity alone. The point is we are not here, in this natural world, forever.

At some point we enter the eternal. And each of us does it alone.

I doubt anyone on flight MH17 expected this to be their last airline flight. But it was. Eternity intervened. God had other plans.

There is a war going on today that you don't see. It's not the one in the Ukraine. Not the one in Gaza. Or Afghanistan. Iraq. And wherever the next one breaks out.

The real war is between the natural world and the eternal world. The natural verses the supernatural. As I wrote in a column this weekend:

"The biggest war taking place today is between the natural and the supernatural. The natural world has decided that the supernatural doesn't exist. This has no effect upon the supernatural realm, but it has a great deal of effect upon this world and the people who inhabit it.

"God tells us plainly that not all his created intelligences beyond the realm of the natural world still serve him today. Some have united against him under the leadership of the most powerful created intelligence in the universe. The present natural world gives no thought to this. To them it is foolishness."

And so it is. Until at 33,000 feet above another war zone, it's not. Quoting again from my weekend column:

"The natural world will not be able to defeat this coming ruler. Nor will they want to, at least in the beginning. He is to have his chance to fix the world without God's intervention. The horrific results of his partnership with mankind's self-anointed elites will stand for all of eternity as a testimony to the utter folly of a creation that usurped God's leadership role in the universe.

"This is the generation that gets to watch it happen."

I thought you might like a glimpse of what lies ahead. Armageddon Story: Reconnaissance. It has begun.

Photo courtesy of Brazilian airport, free wallpaper


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