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Is God Still Relevant Today?

by Craige McMillan
This is a follow-on post to my The Blight of the Billionaires newspaper column. In that piece I suggest, "Technology is poised to replace God in determining humanity's future. Maybe there is no way out?"

To consider that question, let's back up a bit and understand something that much of modern Christianity has forgotten:

God has an agenda.

Yes, I know it's shocking! For some, it may be as eye-opening as when Galileo Galilei demonstrated that the sun did not revolve around the earth, but rather the earth around the sun. One glimpse through the telescope and man had ceased to be the center of the universe!

What? You mean God doesn't care if I get that parking space? The next promotion? A new job, or new car, or a new house? Whether my children are born healthy, grow up to be responsible adults and help to take care of their parents? Whether my spouse is nice to me?

That is the agenda that much of modern Christianity in the comfortable west teaches Sunday after Sunday in churches, isn't it? Get on good terms with God and enjoy a life of ease! If you don't care for that flavor of Christianity, pick a brand that promises lifelong suffering here on earth, which is designed to make you a better human being in the next world.

What if both of these Christian flavors are incidental to God's agenda? What if God has had a single, overriding, gotta-get-it-done purpose ever since the Cross of Christ and that first Resurrection Sunday?

Does God's agenda make Him more or less relevant in today's world?

Perhaps the goals we have for our lives are incidental to God's agenda? Maybe you and I are involved in something far bigger, but we don't recognize what it is? What if God is more interested in doing something through us…than for us? Does that make him a bad guy?

It often seems as if civilization is crumbling before our eyes. This fuels the political process, especially in an election year. Great powers like to think they are in charge of the world. But are they, really? Most of them can't even pay their bills or cure the common cold for their citizens.

End Times?

God's agenda following the Cross of Christ is nearly complete. When that happens, what was foretold in the Bible (prophecy) will take place. In the meantime, the world's plans for its own betterment will proceed unabated. The billionaires will have their way. The end is predictable, but only if you understand humanity as God does, and has related in the Bible.

Most apocalyptic fiction is just plain silly. That's because it doesn't take into account God's single agenda for our time. Once you understand this, the path to the end becomes a lot more clear. In fact, it becomes beautifully clear.

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