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1. Reconnaissance
ISBN 978-1-946047-00-7

2. Behind Enemy Lines
ISBN 978-1-946047-02-1

3. Absolution: The Singularity
ISBN 978-1-946047-04-5

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Absolution: The Singularity. 2016. Just as life imitates art, Satan imitates God. Technology was to be our deliverance from God. What if it becomes our slavemaster, instead? The conflict between God and Satan that predates humanity is spilling out into the open.

Volume three of the Armageddon Story Novel Series is my major focus for the next few months, at least. The central characters introduced in Reconnaissance, volume one of the series, surprised me with their behavior in Behind Enemy Lines, the second book in the series.

Do you find it odd that the author can be surprised by the behavior of his characters? Many readers do. I know that some authors plot out their books in meticuleous detail before they ever write a word of dialog or cast a scene. I couldn't write that way.

I write the dialog first. That's how a new character usually appears to me. Through their thoughts and actions, every character reveals to me just who he or she really is. Kind of like life, huh? That is perhaps why so many readers find my stories tight and fast-paced.

One of the major challenges of the Armageddon Story series was introducing the supernatural in a way that readers would accept. For that reason I chose to introduce the supernatural with military overtones in Reconnaissance, book one. This introduction then became more intense as the book progressed, and readers were introduced to the supernatural on its own terms, and at odds with the natural world in which we all live.

In book two, Behind Enemy Lines, the supernatural becomes more intense. Not only is it sometimes present in the natural world that most of the characters inhabit, it is sometimes at odds with it.

The natural world, however, is not going to give away control to the supernatural. Science and technology have progressed by orders of magnitude during our lifetimes. Today the gains are even more impressive. The natural world has convinced itself that the supernatural world is simply more technologically advanced than our natural world. Now the natural world is intent on catching up. But they have added some other interesting twists, as well.

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