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Armageddon Story Novel Series: Judgment, Interrupted

What Matters Most—Questions Or Answers?

by Craige McMillan

Published 4/11/14

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When you get stranded, the way to start moving again is not to search for an answer but to find a new question to which your life can be the answer. —Jennifer Krause.

I think many of us dislike our daily lives. Oh, when others ask us we tell them things are fine. We are as happy as can be expected. But deep down inside we know differently. We may be trapped by a job, a business, or family entanglements. Each day another little piece of us dies.

I know that when I wrote my first novel twenty years ago, I knew that is what I was meant to do. An agent came easily, but not a publisher. The agent dealt only with the four top publishers in New York, and each rejected a new writer for a different reason. "See," she said to me, "each one was different. It's all subjective. Write me another one."

Life intervened. Maybe it has intervened for you, also?

Seven years ago I saw the vision for Armageddon Story. I wrote a scene (you will find it a third of the way inside) and looked at it the next day. "You can't say that!" I told myself. And I set it aside for another three years. Life went on.

Then world events caught up to Armageddon Story. I pulled out the scene I'd written years earlier, looked at the news that day and said: "I guess you can say that."

So I understand what Rabbi Krause is saying. It isn't, "what can I do to make my existing business work better." The question is, "how can I reorder my present circumstances to make use of the gift God has given me, from now on out into eternity?

In my previous blog post I wrote about the divide between the material and the eternal. I asked if recognizing our dual citizenship in the material and eternal worlds might make a difference in our daily lives.

Has understanding the divide made a difference for you?

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