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Heaven Is For Real—So Is This

by Craige McMillan

Published 4/30/14

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I'm happy that Heaven is for Real, the movie, has renewed the discussion that sprang up when the book first came out a few years ago.

I have lived and worked in the world of complex technology for most of my life. When we don't understand something that is "way over our heads" yet must still decide about it, we look for clues in simple, everyday matters that we can understand. We judge the matter before us on that level. That happens in the upper levels of government, in academia, and on used car sales lots--and a lot of places in between.

So I read Heaven is for Real with a good deal of reservation, even skepticism. Often our minds file away bits and inconsistencies we fail to recognize at the moment. In their own time, our minds piece them together, often while we are doing something else. Then comes the "Ah-ha" moment.

The "Ah-ha" moment for me with Heaven is for Real came over several pages, but I can easily summarize it for you. Young Coulton becomes very critical of the paintings of Jesus hanging in churches and on the walls of peoples' homes that they visit. Each time they see a new one, Coulton's father, Todd, asks his son, "What's wrong with this one?" An answer is always forthcoming.

On one occasion they are viewing the paintings of child prodigy Akiane Kramarik, home-schooled by atheist parents, who claims to make periodic visits to heaven and paints what she sees. Young Coulton has become fixated on her painting of Jesus.

"Coulton, what's wrong with this one?" his father asks. No response. After badgering the boy several times, young Coulton gives his answer.

"Nothing. That's him."


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