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Armageddon Story Novel Series: Judgment, Interrupted

Do Not Fear. Only Believe.

by Craige McMillan

Published 8/13/16

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Do Not Fear. Only Believe.

by Craige McMillan

My weekly column looked below the surface of today's yelling and screaming across the aisle in the political realm. Beyond the noise, it is easy to see God's fingerprints in the election drama. Here's the relevant Bible quote:

So don't be afraid of those people. Everything that is hidden will be shown. Everything that is secret will be made known. I tell you these things in the dark, but I want you to tell them in the light. I speak these things only to you, but you should tell them to everyone (Matthew 10:26-27 ICB).

Those engaged in doing evil have a hatred of the light, because it exposes their deeds to their fellow human beings. The world's elites have made a ruinous mockery of God's creation for their own personal gain. Now God is playing a little game with them. It's called show-and-tell. "All those things you thought were hidden? I'm going to hand them over to your enemies. Then I'm going to dump them out in front of everyone. Not just some things. Every. Thing."

So what do you think are God's motives in all this? Judgment? Punishment? Revenge? If indeed we are seeing God act before our eyes, the process is unstoppable. The flow of sewage He parades before our eyes will continue to get dirtier, uglier and more revolting and toxic than we can imagine. Because the reality is much, much worse than we have let ourselves believe.

How will America respond? That is the question, isn't it? In the face of evil, God looks for repentance. Turning away from evil and doing good. A 180 degree turn in behavior.

After The Election

Even if America chooses to repent in this election, God won't be finished with us. I believe He intends to break this nation's heart over what those we have placed into power have done in the world. The event may be an economic calamity, a military failure, or an earthquake or other natural disaster.

God's purpose is not judgment, punishment or revenge. It is return. This nation and its people, like all the others in the world, belongs to Him. Jesus paid the price for its return. God the Father intends to have it: body, soul and spirit, from the least to the greatest.

Somewhere in America's history we lost our humility. That will be the first thing that God restores. Absolution: The Singularity.

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