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Welcome to a new year

VOLUME Four, Earth's Final Kingdom, identifies the Bride. There have been plenty of clues before, though. Here is a brief interchange from Volume three, between the admiral and his companion.

Excerpt from Absolution: The Singularity. Copyright 2017 by Craige McMillan. All Rights Reserved. From chapter 21:

"I'd like you to go to the orphanage, in Brazil," the admiral said to Odessa.

"Well yes, I'd be happy to go," Odessa said.

The admiral motioned Odessa to come and sit down with him on the sofa in his stateroom. "There's a lot more going on there than when we last visited," he said.

"I still remember Aliese, the sound of her bare feet running down the hallway, full speed, when she saw you," Odessa said. "It was beautiful!"

"Aliese has her own story to tell you," the admiral said. "I think you will enjoy it."

"Also, since we left there a story about the orphanage has appeared in a major newspaper. Doctors and nurses have moved into the location. The children, the ones who did not die, are being well-taken care of," the admiral said.

"That is so sad," said Odessa. "Is there nothing that can be done?"

"I'm going to leave that up to you," the admiral said. "It's one of the reasons I would like you to go there."

"You could come along," Odessa said. "If you were there, absolutely anything could happen." She smiled broadly as she looked at him.

"I need to visit Colorado," he said. "The revival…those in the midst of what has begun are overwhelmed. They need some help."

"I understand," Odessa said.

"The revival and the orphanage, they are different threads of the same golden strand," said the admiral. "They must both succeed, or neither will matter."

"I will go to the orphanage," Odessa said. "You go to Colorado." She looked into his eyes. "How will I travel?"

"However you wish," he said. "The jet will take you, and transport will be available from the airport to the beach just below the orphanage. Or…you can just go, as we did last time."

"I believe I can just go," Odessa said, still looking into his eyes."

"So do I," he said. "Is that your choice?"

"Yes," Odessa said, swallowing hard.

"I'm very proud of you," he said. He kissed her cheek. "You will have no difficulty."

"And when I'm there?" Odessa asked.

"You may act entirely at your discretion," he said. "I am sending you in my stead."

"That's a lot of authority," Odessa said softly. Her eyes searched his. "My education has resumed, hasn't it?"

The admiral smiled. He leaned forward and kissed her lips, very gently. "Yes, Love," he whispered. "Remember, if you need help, call me. I will be there."

The admiral withdrew a small sheet of note paper from his shirt pocket. He handed it to Odessa. It was in his small, neat handwriting. "Sister Tamarah has prayed for the children who died from the illness," he said. "Here is a list of their names."

Odessa took the list from him. Her eyes went quickly down the list. She felt a jolt of energy pass through her. She looked again into the admiral's eyes. "Oh, my God!" she whispered. "I know what you want me to do."

"Your actions are entirely at your own discretion, my Love," he whispered. "I will support you no matter what you decide to do." He let that sink into her mind. Then he added, "Remember what we spoke of last time."

"Request…authority…power," Odessa whispered.

"They are one," said the admiral.

"I love you," Odessa whispered. "Please be with me!" She kissed his face. Her fingers felt the scars in his hands. "I must be off," she whispered.

The admiral watched Odessa as she stood up and walked toward the large window in his stateroom overlooking the aircraft carrier's deck. She turned and waved. He waved back. She stepped through the window and vanished.































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