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William Bradshaw dared not imagine why he had come here…  





Then Bradshaw, so afraid he could barely breathe…  






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Behind Enemy Lines, Volume Two. Excerpt from chapter 4. Copyrighted Material, 2015 by Craige McMillan. All Rights Reserved. From the second paperback edition, published in 2017. (Please share a link; no cut and paste):

"Pastor Bradshaw," the man greeting the helicopter said in perfect English. "I am Dr. Anthony Hulos, Chief of Surgery. Welcome to St. Catherine Children's Hospital."

Bradshaw followed the doctor inside the building. He was grateful to be away from the helicopter noise.

"It was so good of you to come," said the doctor. "Abigail is distraught; I fear that she may be suicidal. This girl was her only child. She is incapable of having more children. My operating table…" the man muttered.

The two men stepped into a stainless steel, Spartan elevator and traveled downward several floors. The elevator stopped and doors opened into a waiting area for the families of surgery patients. The lone woman occupant barely looked alive herself, so given over to grief was she. It was hard to believe that she was the young woman Bradshaw had seen working as a maid in the Cordozo household. His heart went out to her.

"Come. I will introduce you," said Dr. Hulos. "Then I will remain nearby but out of the way. I presume you and the mother will want to see the child and pray for her soul."

"Yes, thank you," said Bradshaw. The woman did not stand as they approached her. Bradshaw sat down next to her. Dr. Hulos wandered to the far corner of the surgery waiting room. He was uncomfortable. His stage was the operatory theater, but in this case his production had failed. The child was dead. He was now more concerned for the mother.

William Bradshaw dared not imagine why he had come here. The Chief of Surgery, Dr. Hulos, had just told him the child was cut open to replace her heart. They could go inside to pray but must not handle her. The image of Pope Pious trying to hand him the lone thorn that survived the pope's encounter with his dead lover passed through Bradshaw's mind.

Bradshaw took Abigail's hand. "Shall we go in and pray for Mia?" he asked her. The girl's name had come to mind just as he spoke.

"Yes, let us pray for Mia," whispered Abigail.

They walked to a door that led to a holding area between the family waiting area and the operatory. Bradshaw pushed the door open. The room was bathed with a soft fluorescent light. The child lay on a lone bed. She was covered with a hospital-white sheet that had been stained in places with her blood. As they approached together, Bradshaw noted the girl's face bore an incredible look of peace. The woman's hand clutched at Bradshaw's as they stood before the girl. She seemed to have exhausted her tears but not her grief.

"The Holy Father prayed for her," Abigail offered, "so her death must have been God's will for her. Look how peaceful she lays here, Pastor."

"Abigail, go and kneel in prayer at Mia's feet," said Bradshaw. The mother did as he asked. Bradshaw dropped to his knees. He took the child's hand in his. Then William Bradshaw, so afraid he could barely breathe, closed his eyes. He saw his three young daughters playing with a fourth girl, the same age as the girl who lay in front of him. They were laughing and running, playing a childhood game.

Bradshaw stepped through his fear. Slowly, he began to recite the words that had come to him at the dinner table from the book of John in the Bible, when Papa had related the news. "'The one who believes in Me, even if he dies, will live. Everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die--ever.' Child, you are to come back for a little while yet."

Bradshaw felt warmth in his hand, which held the little girl's hand. "God in heaven," Bradshaw whispered nearly inaudibly, "don't do this to me!"

The girl's hand squeezed Bradshaw's hand. He opened his eyes from prayer and looked at her face. Her eyes were open and looking around. Her gaze fixed on Bradshaw. "You're a very nice man," she said. "Where am I?"

"You had to come back. For a little while," Bradshaw whispered.

The girl looked around the room, noticing the figure bowed at her feet. "Mommy?" she whispered. "Is that you?"

Abigail opened her eyes and stopped praying. She lifted her face up off the floor and looked over the bed in front of her.

"Mommy? Where are we?" the girl asked.

Abigail shrieked! She stumbled to her feet. Bradshaw, fearing the girl's organs were still exposed as the doctor had warned him, quickly grasped the girl in the bed, placing his chest over hers and wrapping his arms around her. But her breathing was normal.

As Bradshaw rose to a standing position with Mia embraced in his arms, Abigail was behind him, kissing her daughter's face and crying. But now her tears had turned to joy. As she kissed the girl's face, Mia tried to embrace her mother with her arms on either side of Bradshaw's neck.

Bradshaw turned, holding the girl. He faced toward the entrance door. Dr. Hulos burst in through the door. "I told you--her organs!" he shouted. Then he stopped in his tracks. His lips were moving, but there were no words coming from them. The girl turned her gaze to the doctor.

"I remember you!" she said. "You tried to help me. But then something went wrong…"

Bradshaw walked to Hulos. He presented the girl to the doctor, who took her in his arms. "How?" Dr. Hulos gasped. He said the word over and over.

The girl looked at him. "I want to be with my Mommy. Can you put me down, please?" she asked. Hulos slowly lowered the girl to her feet. She broke away and ran to her mother, who was sobbing incoherently. The child and mother embraced and became one.

Hulos looked uncomprehendingly at Bradshaw. "You were mistaken, Doctor," the pastor said. "She wasn't dead. She was just sleeping."

Hulos looked into Bradshaw's eyes. "Watch my lips," he whispered, pointing to them. "She doesn't have a heart! I removed it!"































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