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Admiral's Logbook

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Reconnaissance Novel One Armageddon Story Novel Series

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Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Girl Thinking About The World

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Ancient Manuscript for Craige McMillan's Writing Projects

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1. Reconnaissance
ISBN 978-1-4974-4699-1

2. Behind Enemy Lines
ISBN 978-1-5173-0248-1

Studio Microphone for Craige McMillan's Audio Narrations

Film being cut in editing room for Craige McMillan's video

Retro television newsroom and anchor for Craige McMillan's Media Kit


Admiral's Logbook

Ship’s Location: lat/long/alt?

Tonight, as I walked the deck of this great ship, just the sliver of a moon and the rolling swells of the ocean, my mind went back to King Nebuchadnezzar. His vision foretold precisely the kingdom’s of the earth that would come after him, the head of gold:

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Admiral's logbook for the Armageddon Story Novel Series, ancient sailing ship

Scheduled Events

Guest Columns

(I am now editing book three. No events are currently scheduled.)
Email me and I will contact you when something is scheduled.

Brief Biographical Sketch of Craige McMillan

Craige McMillan weaves together love, betrayal, redemption, forgiveness and hope in a story centered in Brazil and North America but spanning the globe.

Flawed yet deeply human characters are the signature of his writing in this series. Characters don't tell you the story; you live it amidst action and emotional intensity.

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Author Craige McMillan during an author biographical interview.

Behind Enemy Lines, My Second Book In The Series, Is Now Available

Storyline: Mia has a problem. A doctor's mistake has just killed her. As she drifts out of the operating room toward a tunnel of light, she suddenly remembers: "I still have to do something there!" But how to get back?

At Children's Hospital in Saõ Paulo, Brazil, the chief surgeon feels anger and inadequacy when a patient dies under his knife. What he's going to learn is: it's even worse when she comes back.

William Bradshaw, Colorado megachurch pastor takes the angel's…

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Behind Enemy Lines, Volume Two Cover Image, Armageddon Story Novel Series

What's New?

Deplorable Christianity
Third Act: The Author is Arranging the Stage
Interview With An Exorcist
Do Not Fear. Only Believe.
'Be Gone, Satan!' Absolution: The Singularity
Don't Let Big Media Control The Agenda
Cleveland, Republicans, and a tale of two churches
Can A Nation Be Absorbed Inside A Novel?
Has God Ceased To Be God?
Who Wants To Know Everything About You?

I'm Thinking About…

I'm not sure why certain places, people and events catch my imagination, but when they do you will find them here.

Right now I'm focused on biotechnology and computers:

The man-machine merger (singularity) and human genetic modification is progressing very fast, isn't it…

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Craige McMillan is thinking about these things as he writes the Armageddon Story Novel Series

Social Media


Dispatches Across Eternity

My Blog While Writing This Novel Series

Deplorable Christianity

Actually, it's not Christianity that is deplorable. It's what Christians have done to Christianity that is deplorable. more

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Dispatches Across Eternity, Craige McMillan author blog for the Armageddon Story Novel Series

Audio Recordings

NEW: Here is an audio excerpt recorded by the author from Behind Enemy Lines, Vol. 2 in the series

Eleven-year-old Mia's personal resurrection. Excerpt from Behind Enemy Lines, Vol 2.

Who has this power? Excerpt from Reconnaissance, Vol. 1

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Audio narrations by Craige McMillan of various chapters in the Armageddon Story Novel Series

Current Writing Projects

Absolution: The Singularity. Publication this Fall, 2016.

Can A Nation Be Absorbed Into A Novel?

7/8/16 Do characters live outside of an author's novel? Where do they go after the novel?

7/1/16 The editor has a solid third draft. The cover designer begins work in July. Then formatting for publication, eBook and print.

You won't understand volume three without reading volume one and two, however. Better get started now!

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Craige McMillan current writing projects, early handwritten manuscript from Italy.

Video Resources

Here are a pair of music videos that provide a beautiful summary of Good Friday and Easter…

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Video resources connected with the Armageddon Story Novel Series

Media Contacts

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Media & Blogger Resources

Craige welcomes media interviews and a reviews of his books. Click the link below to find out more.

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Craige McMillan, Media and Blogger resources for Armageddon Story Novel Series, early newscaster photo.

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